Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp – Jacksonville Superfund Site, Jacksonville, FL

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Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust LLC — trustee of the Multistate Environmental Response Trust — owns and is responsible for managing and cleaning up the Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp – Jacksonville Superfund Site in Jacksonville, Florida, and hundreds of other contaminated sites in the United States.

The Multistate Environmental Response Trust (the Multistate Trust) is currently performing environmental actions to clean up the +/- 31-acre former Kerr-McGee Site in Jacksonville (the Site). The Multistate Trust is also responsible for facilitating future sale or transfer of the Site for safe, beneficial reuse.

The Multistate Trust is a court-appointed, independent trustee dedicated to this multifaceted mission in Jacksonville:

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Current Activities at the Site

The Multistate Trust is working with its contractors to design the remedy that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency selected for the area of the former Kerr-McGee Site in Jacksonville identified as Operable Unit 1 (OU1).

The Site has been divided into Operable Unit 1 and Operable Unit 2 (OU1 and OU2) to facilitate cleanup of known contamination.

The OU1 remedy addresses contaminated soil and groundwater on‐ and off‐Site, as well as contaminated sediment and surface water in the St. Johns River. The OU1 remedy includes removal and off‐Site disposal of principal threat waste, construction of a low‐permeability surface cap, in‐situ soil stabilization, construction of an environmental bulkhead to contain sediment, soil excavation, and installation of a hydraulic containment system.

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Please contact Peter Cornais of the Multistate Trust at or (904) 512-6739.




The Multistate Trust in collaboration with its beneficiaries for the Site — the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) – held public availability sessions on August 1, 2019, to update community members about Site cleanup progress and plans.

EPA and the Multistate Trust prepared this fact sheet to provide an update on the cleanup progress and planned activities at the Site.



A Brief Overview of the Former Kerr-McGee Site in Jacksonville

The Site is located at 1611 Talleyrand Avenue along the west bank of the St. Johns River in the heavily industrialized Port of Jacksonville.

Beginning in 1893, several companies including Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation operated a fertilizer manufacturing and pesticide and herbicide formulation and packaging facility at the Site. The operation was shut down in 1978. All structures and equipment were removed from the Site, except for several building foundations. The vacant Site is secured by a chain-link, privacy fence.

In 2010, contamination of the Site’s soil and groundwater led the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to add the Site to the National Priorities List of federal Superfund sites. In 2011, the Multistate Environmental Response Trust (the Multistate Trust) assumed responsibility for owning and managing the Site as part of a bankruptcy settlement.

To the north of the Site is property owned by the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) and leased to JM Family Enterprises, Inc./Southeast Toyota Distributors for staging and distributing imported automobiles.

To the south is an undeveloped parcel that is owned by CSX Transportation and bisected by Deer Creek.

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Former Kerr-McGee Site and Context Map